KP to Active Duty


DS - USMMA '20
Mar 2, 2015
While my question is concerning my KP DS, this section may offer more diverse opinions than posting to the USMMA section alone. Here’s the situation: DS is a plebe and job offers to the graduating 1st Class midshipmen seems to be colder than previous classes. DS (and I’m sure other underclassmen) are feeling a little worried about job prospects upon graduation (yes, over three years from now and a little premature). So, while he was adamant about not going active duty military prior to finding his way to KP, he is now considering it. As an Engine-path plebe, he is thinking about active duty Navy and job prospects. His Nav Sci instructor has him thinking SWO. As a retired, enlisted Sailor, the last officer job I would want is SWO. (Yes, I am somewhat biased based on my experiences.) He is fit enough to go SEAL/EOD, but don’t think that’s an option. (He also doesn’t like the idea of subs.) With that in mind, what would those of you (with actual experience in this) suggest as possible career paths for a KP grad with an engineering degree? (My biased opinion would suggest: 1) stay civilian Merchant Marine, 2) MSC Merchant Marine, 3) Navy/USMC/USAF Pilot, 4) USCG engineering, 5) Civil Engineering Army/Navy SeaBee..6) ??…7) ??…/…..8) SWO.) Thanks! P.s. Yes, I told him not to worry and he has plenty of time. I also know going AD is not a sure thing. I just want to educate myself before I offer any advice. Thanks again.
Job offers for Deck Marine Trans/Logistics were cold last year. Engineering wasn't really affected, there is certainly demand for marine engineers in the market. The maritime industry is highly cyclical, and yes oil prices are a factor. That said, the industry 4 years from now is completely different in terms of demand for engineers than the industry today, so much so that it is not worthwhile for you to even think about or discuss first class midshipmen's employment prospects.