1. SandBaby

    Evaluator ALO?

    Need of some advice... My USAFA application is nearly complete with the exception of the Evaluator interview. I first reached out via email to my EALO on November 11 and did not hear anything back. I sent two follow-up emails, each a week apart, and similarly did not receive a response. I...
  2. F

    Teacher Evaluation Question

    Hello All, In the process of submitting the forms for Class of '25. One issue i ran into this year is my english teacher evaluation. I've emailed her consistently and I also know that she's extremely busy because of all the COVID stuff going on and balancing lesson plans etc. My issue is she...
  3. BBF2003

    Evaluator Form Deadline?

    Hello all, One of my evaluators asked me when the deadline to turn in his evaluation was, and I couldn't find it in my portal. Does anyone know the answer to his question? Thanks.
  4. M

    Question Regarding Teacher Evaluations

    Current junior here, I was wondering how flexible the teacher evaluations are. It states on the website that a 11-12 grade english and math instructor must complete the evaluation, but I have finished all available math courses by sophomore year. I do take extracurricular Actuarial exams to...
  5. A

    USAFA Teacher Evaluation Process

    Hello, I am a Junior in high school and beginning to apply for the class of 2024. I am looking to complete my application as soon as possible (preferably over the summer), so I want to contact my teachers before school ends so they know what to do when filling out the evaluation form. How will...
  6. B

    SLE Attendees Evaluated?

    Hey forum, I attended SLE this June and I was curious to know if cadets and staff supervising the program were evaluating and tabbing notes on files of the cadet candidates. I remember being interviewed by my squad leader, so I'm pretty sure they interviewed me for a reason. Do you know if they...