SLE Attendees Evaluated?

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    Hey forum,

    I attended SLE this June and I was curious to know if cadets and staff supervising the program were evaluating and tabbing notes on files of the cadet candidates. I remember being interviewed by my squad leader, so I'm pretty sure they interviewed me for a reason. Do you know if they keep track of the cadet candidates who received awards at the closing ceremony, special kids who demonstrated leadership or outstanding kids during the CFA test. Basically, did attendees get evaluated or was it just a program where students were introduced to West Point life? Thank you.
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    yes they evaluate candidates throughout the week
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    Yes and no. For the most part SLE is non-evaluative, neither helping nor hurting a candidates application - there are no WCS points available at SLE that can not be earned elsewhere. This is by design because there are limited slots for SLE and some applicants are unable to attend for financial or other reasons.

    However, actions at either end of the spectrum may get noticed and enter into the evaluation. Disciplinary infractions are sure to get attention. I don't know whether awards are recorded in the file, but the recipient should certainly include them in the application. An outstanding CFA at SLE is no better than an outstanding CFA anywhere else.

    Interviews are not available to all applicants and do not make or break a candidate unless the candidate comes off exceptionally well or poorly. The interview with the SLE squad leader will normally not carry as much weight as an interview with an FFR whose judgement the RC trusts - objective comments will be considered, but subjective opinions may be viewed with a grain of salt. The inexperience of the cadet SLE interviewer will be considered in any comments. If there is any real question or problem, further communication will take place with the RC or FFR.
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    I would always assume you are being evaluated and act accordingly. Would you act differently at SLE based on if you were vs. were not being evaluated?