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    Talking to multiple PMS?

    I’m an AROTC scholarship applicant and I have already submitted my PMS interview. However, I would like to get in touch with other PMS at my top schools in order for me to get to know their program and, more importantly, for them to get to know me. Is this something applicants do, or would I be...
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    Navy ROTC First Board

    When does the first board for Navy ROTC meet? Also my son received an email that said his application was "competitive" but not exactly sure what that means. The message said this does not mean you have won a scholarship but that you will be notified if you do win. I wondered if this is...
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    AROTC First Board Scholarship Announcements

    If an applicant is boarded at the first board for AROTC which, as I understand it, meets this week, how long will it take for the first board scholarships to be awarded and how is the news communicated?