1. A

    Competitive Area for Nominations?

    Hi, I want to apply to the Air Force Academy, and I'm wondering if my area is very competitive for nominations. I'm from Florida, specifically the Miami area. I think that it's probably quite competitive, because of the large population and the amount of Air Forces bases in the state and nearby...
  2. B

    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Has anybody received any form of confirmation of receipt of their packets from either of the Ca senators? I have sent mine over a month ago and just now heard back from Harris, still no word on Feinstein. I know they are supposed to send the post card one includes in their packet, but I still...
  3. K

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
  4. C

    JROTC Cadet Receives Posthumous USMA Appointment

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/20/army-awards-heroism-medals-to-jrotc-cadets-killed-in-florida-school-shooting.html I saw that someone posted a similar thread under Academy/Military News, so I thought I'd post this news article here.
  5. S

    Marine Corps Ring at North Shore Near St. Pete Pier- inscribed "GregoryAka"

    A Florida resident is asking for help in finding the owner of a Marine Corps ring that was found in the water while fishing. The ring is inscribed "USMC, " "Semper Fi" and "GregoryAka". If you are Gregory, or know who Gregory might be, please go to the USNA Mid Moms and Dads fb site ...
  6. murfthesurf

    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    :wiggle::wiggle::wiggle::wiggle::wiggle::wiggle::wiggle: (To list, please use your handle/Son or Daughter/LOA - Letter of Assurance? or NO LOA?/Notification Date of Appointment/ Accept or Decline/Nomination Source (From what State and who gave it - a Congressman?, a Senator?, ect.)/Nomination...
  7. MilVetSpouseMom

    Service Academy Day - 17 September in South Florida

    Location: USSOUTHCOM 9301 NW 33rd St Doral, FL 33172 Date/Time: Saturday, 17 September 2016 at 0830 Representatives from all five military service academies will be on site to answer any questions. This event will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 in the CCA. To RSVP for the event...