free time

  1. W

    SLE evening time

    Hi everyone! I'm going to the week two SLE and on the schedule I saw the evening was blocked off for activities like intramural sports, cadet shop, etc. Is this structured, or does it just mean you are free to choose what you want to do? How much free time do we have in general? Is it worth...
  2. Paul111

    I Need Help with My Decision: USNA or Civilian College

    Hi all, I have to make my college decision by tomorrow at midnight. I'm between USNA and an elite business program at the University of Cincinnati (where I live). I've called, emailed, and spoken with dozens of different people (current students, grads, respected adults, friends) trying to make...
  3. S

    Life at the Academy

    While waiting to find out if I was appointed to the academy I heard about this forum and I had a few questions about the academy from people who have gone through it very recently. One of my concerns is that I won't be able to enjoy myself during college and my time will be spent getting yelled...