girls state

  1. birdwatcher4125

    How to deal with Boys/Girls State cancellations on Candidate Applications

    Greetings, Back in March a USMA Admissions Officer (LT Le) was addressing questions about Boys/Girls State cancellations and he posted the following "If you were selected but it is now cancelled, a letter from the Legion President will suffice for us. Please have it signed, dated, scanned, and...
  2. FØB Zero

    Girls/Boys State

    Hey friends! At my school roughly 4 boys and girls go to “Boys/Girls State” each year total. I will be applying this school year and was curious how to gain leadership at Girls State. Is it divided among /school, /city, or /state? If anybody could explain to me what to expect there (female) at...
  3. N

    Girls State and SLE advice

    Hi all! Just wanted to throw out a question to all who attended Girls/Boys state and SLE. I was recently nominated for Girls state by my school, and was accepted into SLE session 2. In my state, there is virtually no information about the Girls state program, but I have heard of the...
  4. A


    I was accepted to AFASS this morning, and shortly before I received my email I registered for the NASS. I am also registered for girls state, which is the same week as AFASS I know that USAFA and USNA are very different and I would learn a lot by going to both. My concern is that going to girls...
  5. K

    Summer vs State

    (moderators, please move this to the appropriate discussion room) Summers sessions (any of em) vs Girls/Boys State? Hypothetically speaking, if a DD/DS were to get accepted to the summer sessions of all the academies AND the Girls/Boys State and there were scheduling (or finance) conflicts...