Mar 1, 2016
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Summers sessions (any of em) vs Girls/Boys State?

Hypothetically speaking, if a DD/DS were to get accepted to the summer sessions of all the academies AND the Girls/Boys State and there were scheduling (or finance) conflicts that were unable to be overcome, would it be better for admission/appointment to attend a summer academy program or the State (and possibly the Nation after that)?

And, why?
Girls/boys state will add value the SA application. It provides another opportunity for leadership and it is highly valued by the service academys.

Summer session will provide the applicant the opportunity to get a better look at life at a SA, so they can decide if a SA is what they want from there college experience. The SA will not penalize an applicant for not attending a summer seminar. Many cannot because of finances and/or logistics.

IMHO if you can only choose one, go to State. Even better, go to state and nation and obtain one of the elected positions in the programs
Agree with 5 day.

Boys/Girls State adds points to a profile. Summer programs are designed to attract the best and get them "sold" on that SA but does not add points.
My USMA grad did Boys State and thoroughly enjoyed it. He had no interest in SLE. Other colleges like to see Boys State on your resume too, not just SAs.