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    Graduate School (Clinical Psych, PsyD) - Tuition Assistance

    Hi everyone, I am currently an Army NG SMP cadet and junior in college and will be applying to graduate programs for clinical psychology this summer into fall 2020. A big factor of where I end up will be based on the funding I receive for the program. How does tuition assistance work for...
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    USNA or MIT

    Hello, Since decision day is right around the corner, I am seeking advice for a very important decision. I am seeking input from experienced people as to which school would be better for me: USNA or AFROTC at MIT. Let me start by describing my situation, career goals, and potential options. I...
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    USMA vs. USNA

    Hello everybody, I have received an appointment to both USMA and USNA, and I really can't decide one over the other. I see both as great opportunities, and I'm having a hard time differentiating which one to choose. I was wondering if you guys could provide some insight on the following...