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    Aerospace Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school junior and am going to be applying to USAFA and USNA. I would like to major in aerospace engineering and was wondering which academy has a better aerospace engineering program. Also, I was wondering what types of jobs a cadet majoring in aerospace engineering...
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    Careers after graduation

    I plan on applying to the CGA for the class of 2023. From what I understand, there are 3 main career paths after graduation from the academy - being aboard a cutter, being ashore, and aviation. At graduation, do you get to pick which path you take or is it assigned to you by major, or how does...
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    Cadet discharge

    looking for some advice, my son just graduated USMA however he received an honorable medical discharge today. 2 years ago he had an injury where the recommended treatment from the Army required him to go on a wait list. That treatment never materialized over the next 24 months even with...