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    Female Hair Standard?

    I am having trouble with trying to figure out my hair for Iday. I am a female, and my hair is curly and frizzy, and is cut just below my collar, so I can neither put it in a bun nor wear it loose. My hair naturally exceeds 3" from my scalp. Any advice?
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    To Cut or Not Cut? On the Subject of the I-Day Women's Haircut

    As most are aware, the women of the USNA Class of 2023 were the first group not required to cut their hair for Plebe Summer. Our DD vacillated for a bit in making a decision on whether to cut or not, but ultimately decided to get trimmed to the traditional jaw length. During this past Plebe...
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    Haircut requirements for SLE

    I am attending SLE session this summer and I have "long" hair (below my ears but not hippy length). Do I need to cut my hair short for SLE ?