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    Checklist Deadlines?

    I submitted my candidate kit only to be greeted by the checklist... I know that the CFA is due by the application deadline because that's what the application instructions packet stated. Moreover, most of the transcripts and recommendations don't have to be submitted until two weeks after your...
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    Checklist Deadlines

    Hello, I am currently a candidate for 2026 USAFA applications, and I just submitted my Candidate Kit today (10/16). However, my checklist still has quite a few things on it, and I am not sure if I can complete them by my deadline of November 1st. The main ones that I am concerned about are my...
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    Questions concerning rotc

    Hello all! I am newer to understanding everything concerning rotc in college and what would be the best options for me. Any help or input is appreciated in response to my questions. A little background on myself if it helps answer the following questions: I am currently a junior in high school...
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    Female Hair Standard?

    I am having trouble with trying to figure out my hair for Iday. I am a female, and my hair is curly and frizzy, and is cut just below my collar, so I can neither put it in a bun nor wear it loose. My hair naturally exceeds 3" from my scalp. Any advice?
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    Need Some Clarifications.

    I'm new to the forms and this is my first post so bear with me. Junior year of HS I applied for the preliminary application to USNA. Sadly I received an email stating that I did not qualify as a candidate. Toward July 2019 I received an email from a USNA counselor requesting to meet. I was...
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    My chances of a Medical waiver for MEPS

    About a month ago I got a letter from the navy saying that I was not able to enlist due to having retained hardware on my left leg. I was confused because at MEPS I saw in my file “waiver recommended” I was bummed out, and my recruiter didn’t understand. In the end they recommended me to go to...