1. D

    BFE/Checklist Before INDOC?

    Is a formal BFE to be sent out to all recent appointees? When is a formal appointment letter/notice received? How long does it normally take to arrive? Does it include a checklist of everything that needs to be done before INDOC? Or is some sort of official checklist online/reporting...
  2. BurntENDZ

    Indoc Map

    Hello, we are packed and ready to go. Well, kinda. Does anyone know where I can find that indoc schedule and outline and building maps of where to be when during indoc? TIA
  3. H

    Reporting Day Schedule

    Anyone have advice on parking (what time to arrive, where to park, traffic)What time do parents typically leave campus? A time estimate on how long it will take to get to the gate (from KP to La Guardia including dropping off a car rental) on a Friday afternoon would be appreciated as well...