Reporting Day Schedule


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Anyone have advice on parking (what time to arrive, where to park, traffic)What time do parents typically leave campus? A time estimate on how long it will take to get to the gate (from KP to La Guardia including dropping off a car rental) on a Friday afternoon would be appreciated as well. Thanks:)


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I would plan to arrive between 6:45 and no later than 7:15. Parking is limited on campus but you should be okay if you arrive by then. There will be signs to guide you on where to park, and it is very easy to find (very near front gate). You do not want your plebe candidate to be at the very beginning or at the very end, both of which will earn him or her unwanted attention. My DD arrived at 6:45 last year and was third in line. Regarding leaving, you can always count on bad traffic to the airport so allow more time than you think you will need. I will leave it to locals to give you more definite advice there.


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There may be plenty of parking, but maybe not. It depends on how many mids have cars who remain on campus for summer school or INDOC staff. How many parents drop off their plebe candidates in a car as opposed to taking public transportation? My guess is you will be okay, but hard to say for sure.


Budget at least 1 hour to get from LGA to KP. Parking is difficult on the first day. I had to park pretty far near the Kings Point park. Plan on standing around a lot while waiting for them to get checked in.