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    Injury very near r-day

    Hey guys, posting on here for some advice and input. I broke a pinky playing my sport, and have bot gotten it officially checked out in fear of complicating my just recently waived medical file. The opinions of multiple doctors off the record have been that there is shattering and loose bone in...
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    Injury Before Starting ROTC

    I recieved a type 1 AFROTC scholarship for starting at my dream school this fall. Life is great. Except... I have this bucket list trip idea to take a week(s) long adventure (ADV), offroad, dualsport, camping small motorcycle adventure through a part of the Trans America Trail (not alone) early...
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    R-Day Backup

    Does anyone know how tuition payment at a backup school works? I'm planning to pay the deposit and submit a housing application to backup school in case I end up getting injured before or during Beast. I don't want to end up paying the tuition for the first year if it is automatically charged...