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    Luggage VS Backpack for I-Day

    I am slightly confused on the packing for I Day. There are 3 separate areas on my Inprocessing Checklist: Items to hand-carry inside the manila envelope, Items to hand-carry on your person (wearing on your person, in your wallet/billfold, or in a small bag or tote), and Items to pack in your...
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    Buying a Backpack

    I am a current Senior in high school, and next year I will be attending the Air Force Academy. I was wondering if I need to buy a backpack for the school year, or if I will be issued one once I start classes? Thanks!
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    Inprocessing and Travel Information

    So, I was appointed to the academy in October, and my portal says that more information will be posted in early spring. In past years, when has this information been posted (more specifically)? I'm so excited and anxious to get more information!
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    Bringing ABUs to inprocessing

    Recently, I got sized at a local AFB for ABUs. If I purchase them now, can I bring them to inprocessing?