Inprocessing and Travel Information


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Jan 4, 2017
So, I was appointed to the academy in October, and my portal says that more information will be posted in early spring. In past years, when has this information been posted (more specifically)? I'm so excited and anxious to get more information!
General information and a myriad of forms to be completed should come out in the next few weeks.
As far as in-processing time and final travel information, last year, my DD did not receive this until about two weeks before I-day when the squadron assignments for BCT were decided and given.
The form that hit home for me (as a parent) was the one where I signed to accept the remains. One of those "It's not just an academic institution" moments.
You will get a letter telling you the time to report. It gives you information on what can be reimbursed and how you can arrive. There are other forms for you to fill out and return with this packet.

Some Cadets fly out by themselves and say good-byes at home. We went out two days ahead of time and had a family dinner with another Cadet and her family from our state the night before I Day. The morning of I Day was a blur. You get there and the Cadet goes through a short line and then you go to a short orientation speech and are given a few seconds to say bye. You can hang around for the 15 or so minutes to watch your DS or DD get on the bus. There are booths with a lot of information and a luncheon sponsored by the Colorado Parents Club.

Parents who go should stay for the next day. It is amazing to see the progress of one night during the Parade the next morning. The oath was awesome to watch as a parent. After the parade we stayed for a few days and vacationed in the mountains with our other two boys (our DS is the oldest). It really hit me when we got home and I realized my DS was no longer a resident of our home. It took me about a week to get over it. If you are a Parent then sign up for Web Guy. You will be shocked at much time you spend looking at pictures to get a glimpse of your child. I was able to go back out for A Day and loved it. You get to spend an hour or two with your child and after 6 weeks it seems like a nice long visit. Parents weekend is great. Our family has been very pleased with the experience this year.