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    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
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    Low Service Academy GPA to Law School

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to gather some information concerning the "weight" of a degree from a Service Academy. I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with a degree in Government (Political Science), with around a 2.7 GPA. My first two years were spent mainly in STEM and my previous major...
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    Career After West Point

    Hello all, I am currently sitting on top of an LOA and I am fully qualified academically, physically, and medically. I had my Congressional Nomination interview this past Saturday and is just waiting for that result. I have been long wanting to attend West Point and in terms of my career I...