1. J

    Question for prior enlisted cadets who came from overseas bases.

    Just finished my entire application last week, now comes the waiting game! I was curious on what the process was like when given an appointment from an overseas base (more specifically PACAF). We’re you able to take something similar to ETS? Or leave en-route? In my current situation I am...
  2. C

    Citadel Knob Year Leave

    Hello all, this is my first post on here after lurking for over 3 years. I am a current high school senior that will be graduating this June and my current plan is to attend the Citadel on a NROTC-MO scholarship. I haven’t finalized anything yet, though. I would like some insight on how...
  3. N

    Foreign travel on holiday breaks?

    I am a new appointee to USAFA and was wondering if there would be any issue for me next year over Christmas break. My family is spending Christmas in Switzerland and I would like to go with them, but im confused on the regulations for cadets traveling abroad. Thanks for the help!
  4. K


    I am an MS3 Army ROTC cadet technically on scholarship, but I have been placed on LOA pending medical determination. I assumed this meant that I would not be receiving any of my scholarship benefits, but today I got my book stipend for some reason. I immediately put the 600 bucks in savings so...
  5. P

    Cadets flying during weekends?

    Can upperclassmen cadets (2C and 1C) at the Academy fly home or out of state in general during Blue weekends? During Silver weekends?
  6. US2021

    Parents Weekend

    Hi everybody! I was wondering what parents weekend is like at the Air Force Academy!:) How do the rules apply for cadets being able to interact with their parents/visitors (i.e. Are they allowed to stay together for 24 hours straight? Are they able to leave the campus? etc.) I am planning...