1. CA_hopeful

    Deciding to Affirm/Leave USMA Advice

    I used to live on this forum in high school. (Which I DO NOT recommend--enjoy high school and quit the extracurriculars you are only doing for resume points! Just work hard at the things you are genuinely passionate about, get good grades, and be kind and you will do great. But that's not what...
  2. T

    How long does out-processing take? How to expedite?

    I am a current cadet at USAFA who has decided to leave. I put a lot of thought into my decision; I do not mean for this thread to be about my decision. What I would like advice on is this: I need to get home and continue my life, get a job, and apply to colleges again. I have been out-processing...
  3. M

    Medical Separation

    I'm a current mid in the class of 2020. To make an extremely long story short, after a surgery in January this year I was diagnosed with a complex, chronic pain condition. I spent most of my spring semester in Walter Reed undergoing treatments and hospital stays, attending only 40 days of class...