letters of recommendation

  1. C

    Letters of Recommendation for Congressmen?

    I’m a junior currently in the process of seeking a congressional nomination to either USMA or USNA. Two of my area’s congressmen require three letters of recommendation each. Could I get only three letters and simply send each to both congressmen, or should I get six separate letters of...
  2. E

    Recommendations for Teachers No Longer at My School

    Hello, I was wondering if someone here might know what to do if my recommenders have left my school for another school district. Should I send the form in the portal to them at their new district? I have kept in touch as they know I am applying. I am worried that my recommenders (and it is both...
  3. V

    Letters of Rec and Submission of Application

    I am looking at the electronic signature for submitting my application. I know that one letter of recommendation has not been completed, though the correct contact info is uploaded and has been sent to the recommender. Can I submit my application before they write their recommendation? The...
  4. birdwatcher4125

    Letters of Recommendation (Academies, Congressional & ROTC)

    When DS asks a person to write him a Letter of Recommendation for the Congressmen, the four Academies and the three ROTC scholarships, should he ask for a single letter that he can copy that is generically written about DS wanting to "serve as an officer in our armed forces", or should he ask...