1. peppypea

    Printable greetings for you!

    In case you aren't on the Class of 2023 FB page, I will share this here as well: Hey parents! We all know how important it is to our Basic Cadets to get mail...but coming up with 60 greetings (or as many as you want) can be a daunting task. To that end, I designed simple printable greetings...
  2. S

    Recommendation Letters

    I am in the process of applying for the MO NROTC scholarship. On the page where you are supposed to list your references it only asks for the email, address, and phone of the person. Am I to assume that once I submit my application the system will email or call the people listed or is there...
  3. XCpanda


    Hi! I wrote one of my letters in a blue ink pen and sent it to my Cadet in training. (USAFA) Would that be alright? Or would it count as contraband etc.? Thanks! Appreciate all answers:) xx
  4. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    1. Do the DS/cadres read Cadet mail/letters? 2. Would the instructors be allowed to read the mail if everything is written on plain white paper without decoration? 3. Where do the students keep their mail received during BCT?
  5. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    Hi! I have a few questions about writing letters to your significant other in BCT for USAFA. I plan to apply for USAFA as well once I am old enough. I have been told the DS sergeants and supervisors go through and read the mail. I was told to act no more than a friend in the letters, due to...