1. W

    Multiple questions about possible AFROTC

    Hi! I had never previously seriously considered doing service academy or ROTC, but recently I’ve been thinking about doing AFROTC during college. However, I have lots of questions: 1. I read that the service requirement is 4 years of active duty following graduation. I’ve also heard that there...
  2. TexMex2022

    Just Some Academy Life Questions

    ** Disclaimer: None of the answers will affect my current decision to join USNA I just want to get a feel for what I am in for / things to look forward to PS: I am a big money and budgeting guy so I know the bits I've read from the Budget Book 2016-17 but I don't know much else of USNA ** I. I...
  3. navygal1776

    Life at USNA?

    I was wondering what daily life at USNA is like and how midshipmen manage their time. What is a typical daily schedule and how much homework do they usually get? How much sleep do they typically get each night and how often do they have sports practice/time to be involved in extracurricular...
  4. alexFL1

    Questions about USCGA Life

    I have tried to do some research on the Academy, but there just isn't much info online so I have a few questions. Please feel free to answer ones that you feel comfortable answering, thanks! 1- At Navy I know they have quirky rules for freshman like squaring corners and making chow calls. How...
  5. R

    Life in NROTC

    Im looking for people on NROTC Marine Option Scholarship to pass on some information about life in the program. I received a scholarship and accepted it in December but have a few questions that I can't seem to find online. First off is regardinint vacations and breaks. Are NROTC mids supposed...