1. iprefer2024

    Class of 2024 boots and low quarters

    Hey, I just wanted to point out something I found on the west point website. If anyone is wondering what boots/low quarters they can start breaking in, there is a link attached. I believe admissions will issue the boot letter sometime in the near future, so it might be better to wait on that...
  2. W

    Low Quarter Shoe Advice

    I purchased three pairs of low quarters- Oxford DLATS - to identify the correct fit for me. All of the shoes I purchased experience the same problem: the heel slips. Does anyone have suggestions on ways to fix this problem or avoid/ prevent blisters due to this problem?
  3. birdwatcher4125

    DLATS Oxfords vs Bates Durashocks Low-Quarters

    Questions for current West Point cadets and/or their parents: How much of a benefit is there to purchasing Bates Durashocks Low-Quarters as compared to the DLATS Oxfords? Is there a significant difference in comfort, quality, or break-in time? Not only are the Durashocks 3X the cost (which...