marion military institute

  1. U

    MMI Application Process

    Howdy y’all, I recently began looking into various prep schools for USMA. I am a little bit unsure of the process of attending MMI. Are students given scholarships from USMA to attend MMI without applying to MMI? or, do I apply separately to the Marion Military Institute? If so, when does this...
  2. peppypea

    Marion Military Parent's Weekend: A hint

    Hey folks, if you have a child that will be attending MMI next year and you will be able to make it to Parent's Weekend (October 18-20), I HIGHLY suggest booking your hotel in Marion as soon as you know that you will be there. There are two options in town and you really only want the one that...
  3. R

    How many years of those classes you need for Marion Military Institute?

    How many years of English, Math, Science, Social Studies do you need? Especially, would 3 years of science be fine? Sorry, I know I'm posting a lot today
  4. R

    Can you still do Early Commissioning Program at a MJC even if you don't have a ROTC Scholarship?

    Just wondering, because if I don't get the ECP ROTC scholarship, getting my commission in the Army Reserves/Army National Guard early would be what I want.
  5. J

    Marion Military Institute

    I applied USCGA and was not accepted and I am now waiting for the decision from NROTC. I applied and was accepted to Marion Military Institute in their USCGA prep program, but I’m not were to go from here. Do I have a better chance of getting into an academy next year by applying while at MMI or...
  6. B

    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    I had posted earlier about whether or not to accept a falcon foundation scholarship; however, I neglected to ask which one should I attend for the best chance of earning an appointment next year. I already have the scholarship, but I need to pick a prep school by the end of the week. Any...