1. H

    MMI - What to bring

    Besides the bare bones packing list provided in the student handbook, I was hoping previous/current cadets/parents could make recommendations on what to bring - laptop and/or desktop computer, fitbit, cell phone, alarm clock, scientific calculator, car, bike, school supplies, containers for...
  2. peppypea

    Marion Military Parent's Weekend: A hint

    Hey folks, if you have a child that will be attending MMI next year and you will be able to make it to Parent's Weekend (October 18-20), I HIGHLY suggest booking your hotel in Marion as soon as you know that you will be there. There are two options in town and you really only want the one that...
  3. R

    How competitive is it to get the Army 2 year Early Commissioning ROTC Scholarship?

    I don't see many forums talking about the ROTC ECP scholarship, so I'm just wondering how competitive it is. Is it as competitive as the 4 year national ROTC scholarship or what?
  4. Dsmcse

    If I don't get in... do I apply to Marion Military Inst. or Kent School?

    Hi, I'm worried that I will not get into the USAFA on my first try. I plan to try until I'm accepted. I'm currently a student pilot. My goal is to fly, work for NASA, space exploration etc. I have already been accepted to Florida Institute of Technology, and two other great schools. My...