If I don't get in... do I apply to Marion Military Inst. or Kent School?


Sep 7, 2016
Hi, I'm worried that I will not get into the USAFA on my first try. I plan to try until I'm accepted.

I'm currently a student pilot. My goal is to fly, work for NASA, space exploration etc.

I have already been accepted to Florida Institute of Technology, and two other great schools.
My question is, do I attend a selective college or apply to MMI, Kent etc. in the hope that these schools have a higher acceptance rate into USAFA.

Thank You
My guess is that USAFA would look favorably upon attending college for a year and getting good grades, especially if you can also participate in the college's ROTC program(assuming the school even has one). That said, if you apply to MMI and Kent, MMI is probably easier to get into. Applying to Kent means you are also competing with a pretty strong pool of your typical boarding school applicants.