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    Getting MBA during ADAF

    Hi all, I'm a current senior in college, ready to commission this coming May. I got assigned as 62E (Developmental Engineer) at Hanscom AFB (Boston!), MA. I'm still unsure if I want to just do minimum service commitment and get out or stay in at do 20+ years. Regardless, I know that at...
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    Can an Engineering Degree Wait?

    I am a 4/c navy option midshipman and I am having second guesses about my mechanical engineering major. I am decent at the math, but am not particularly drawn into the upper division topics (statics, materials, thermals, blech). My reasons for choosing the major are more extrinsic and related...
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    Education After 4-Year ROTC?

    I have been fortunate enough to be awarded an NROTC four year scholarship to MIT. I have also recieved a four year ROTC scholarship to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, and Duke. MIT is my top school choice and I was accepted early action but I have not committed to anything yet, either scholarship wise...