Education After 4-Year ROTC?

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    I have been fortunate enough to be awarded an NROTC four year scholarship to MIT. I have also recieved a four year ROTC scholarship to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, and Duke. MIT is my top school choice and I was accepted early action but I have not committed to anything yet, either scholarship wise or school wise. Possibly my greatest deterining factor for this decision will be what program will allow me to attain my master's degree. MIT has a five year to masters program for my major but I worried that I will be required to leave in order to fulfill my obligatory service requirement. Does anyone have any experience with how this might work? Could I do the extra year on an extended scholaraship and owe more time? Could I perhaps do the extra year to two years without the scholarship and then serve my time? Thanks so much.
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    Army is going to provide you a scholarship to earn 1 degree preferably earned over 4 years. You can request an Educational Delay if you want to pursue an advanced degree in the legal or medical field. If you were to take a year off and start Army ROTC in your second year of school you could finish your degree and commission at the same time, the problem is you would not retain your scholarship if you don't start in the coming fall, and if you were to receive a scholarship it can not pay for two degrees, so unless MIT conferred both degrees simultaneously you would not be offered a scholarship that would cover all of your schooling to earn your advanced degree.

    I could be mistaken, so I strongly recommend you talk to the recruiting officer at MIT and explain your plan. I also have no idea what Navy can do for you, but I'm pretty sure their scholarships can not span two degrees either.
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    MIT NROTC currently has two midshipmen who have been granted an extra year to finish masters degrees in engineering. NROTC does not offer many such opportunities nationally and there is no guarantee, but MIT is the place to be if that is the option you want to pursue.
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