medical evaluation

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    I was kind of late to the party on applying, so I took my medical exams somewhat late. On DoDMERB's website, it now says I am medically qualified. This changed today. Will this be a problem since it is past the 1/31 deadline for applying? It's still showing up as "incomplete" in the application...
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    Vaccines and Bloodwork

    So I got 3 vaccines today as I was behind according to the 2026 Appointtee Handbook Vaccine requirements. My whole life I've been on track for all my requirements, but since the Handbook stated I needed some, I got some. Now my doctor said that the Academy will give extra jabs for the...
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    DoDMERB Case is "Incomplete-Closed"?

    I took my DoDMERB eye exam and physical in early October and still haven't received any update since October 26th when my file was updated to "Incomplete-Closed". I have emailed the help desk and have done everything I can to find some updates and still know nothing. What do I do now?
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    Medical History that is Disqualifying, but is Not as Severe

    For context, I am an upcoming 100 who will start courses a month from now. I am also uncontracted and out of scholarship. Following a discussion with a friend of mine regarding medical history, I checked my medical records. What I found were two disqualifying issues: 1. Mild intermittent asthma...
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    DodMerb not open

    We have completed everything for the usma application with the exception of the CFA which will be complete in a couple of days. The medical evaluation is not yet open, however. We are concerned about getting it completed in time. Does this section of the application typically open after the CFA?