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    Cardiac History=DQ?

    Hi, I am applying for USCGA this fall and I had a few questions about whether my application will be worth it or not. I have a congenital heart defect, a bicuspid valve with mild leakage. The cardiologist says this should have no effect on my athletics or ability to withstand physical pressures...
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    Shellfish allergy DQ for nrotc - is there anything I can do?

    I was awarded an NROTC scholarship earlier this year but was medically disqualified for a shellfish allergy. My dodmerb exam doctor wrote on the exam packet that my allergy was a non-issue but I was still disqualified anyway. A little about my allergy: - I have had ~2 reactions to eating...
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    Physician's Letter and Medical Waivers

    My son is in the process of applying for a medical waiver for the AFROTC pertaining to ADD. The TSgt has requested a letter from his physician that she can send up. His Doctor is requesting guidance on the format of how this letter should written. Does anyone have an example of one that they...