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    Could I continue taking ADD medication after getting waiver?

    I've recently been awarded an AFROTC type 2 4-year scholarship. This month is the 24th month that I've been taking ADD medication (so if I discontinue the medication prescription for next month, I'll be eligible for an ADHD waiver). I'm valedictorian of my high school, and I had straight A's...
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    ADD Waiver

    Hello all, I'm currently going through the process of the Army ROTC Scholarship application. I had some questions that you all might be able to answer about an ADD Waiver. I took ADD medication (concerta) from 6th grade to 11th grade. I stopped taking it 5 months ago in April. With no...
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    LOA with nomination-- pending waiver

    Hello All, I am in need of some advice with my application process. I have had an LOA since early March and have been deemed medically disqualified since February 23rd. I am a recruited athlete and currently have an offer to another university with a big scholarship (that can be taken away any...
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    Medications during BCT Class of 2020

    My DS takes antibiotics for severe and painful acne. When he is on the medication his acne is light and his face is pain free. When off the antibiotics his acne is painful and break outs are severe and most embarrassing. I read that medications for acne is not allowed during BCT. Is there any...