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    Dodmerb DQ from AFROTC - how to appeal after “normal” waivers sent in

    Our DS is a freshman and received Type7 AFROTC scholarship . We started with DODMERB a year ago when he was applyyro USAFA. This has been a long and grueling process of waiting and waivers, found out yesterday he is DQd from AFROTC after submitting requested waiver. Now wondering what to Do...
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    How to improve chances and chances now?

    Im a Junior this year and was wondering how Id be able to improve my chances of getting into USMMA? Gpa- 3.15 career(last to trimesters 3.5 and 3.6 slacked off sophomore year) ACT-25 first time going for for 27-29 in February Varsity hockey for 3 years(talking to the coach at USMMA to for...