How to improve chances and chances now?


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Jan 13, 2017
Im a Junior this year and was wondering how Id be able to improve my chances of getting into USMMA?
Gpa- 3.15 career(last to trimesters 3.5 and 3.6 slacked off sophomore year)
ACT-25 first time going for for 27-29 in February
Varsity hockey for 3 years(talking to the coach at USMMA to for hockey)
I am able to get a nomination from a member of congress.
LOR's-Hockey Coaches, Teachers, A member of the Secret Service from the Citadel, and an Army helicopter pilot
work over the summers
Please let me know how Id be able to improve my chances and how competitive I am right now. Thanks
Definitely improve your GPA. Do some service work. Work on what you do for the fitness test. No one can tell you how competitive you are, and it varies from state to state.
I know a KP '16 grad who graduated in 4 years who made a 19 on his ACTs. It's definitely possible.
Unless you're recruited for athletics, a 3.15 GPA is likely be a problem. Try to get that up to at least a 3.4 and to have very high SATs (650 math ... most important ... 630ish verbal). Keep in mind that USMMA has a very high academic "washout" rate ... highest of all academies. It was about 35%, but may be a little less now. Good luck.
USMMA22 - Truly nobody knows where you stand or can tell you what your chances are for an appointment - what happened in the past may not be true or applicable today and when you apply it could be different and things can change. Other factors are what state are you from - how competitive is your area - I will say that you should continue to do your best in everything you do. Take the best and I will say the hardest classes available to you and do well in them. I would encourage you to consider taking the SAT also - you never know what your score might be. You do not have to submit the test results to the academy. USMMA does superscore your ACT/SAT scores so continue to do your best and study hard for them. Are you a team captain? Are you in Scouts, an Eagle Scout? Boys State? Don't just start doing things as window dressing for your resume/applications. Look at the USMMA website and see what they expect/accept at the minimums for admissions and beat them...and beat them by as much as you can. As always have a plan B - C - D in place. Best of luck to you in your efforts and pursuits.
the ACT is where the meat and potatoes are. Can't stress the test enough. It's the dumbest test you could ever take and by far the dumbest one to gauge incoming candidates, but they do it. Get that thing in the 30's if you can. Take that thing every testing period unless you get 32+. Sure all those other things are important, but so much weight is on the ACT. Keep doing what you're doing otherwise. A little closer to 4.0 wouldn't hurt either.