military academy

  1. 2

    Eyesight requirements for all academies?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there's a limit to how bad your eyes can be, or if they just have to be correctable to 20/20. My current prescription is -8.00 in my left eye and -7.75 in my right eye, however they are both corrected to 20/20 with glasses with slight astigmatism in both. Based on...
  2. C

    SMP Cadet Transfer?

    Is it possible for an SMP cadet to transfer to another school? I will be in in the Indiana guard soon, and I plan on attending a local school for my freshman year, after which I plan to apply for the USMA. But if this doesn't work out, I'm interested to know, is it possible for me to transfer to...
  3. A

    What is the path cadets take after branching infantry

    Hi all, I'm a senior in high school trying to get some information on what happens after graduation at USMA. I've been accepted to USMA and USAFA and am having trouble deciding on my desired path. All this is doing is giving me the information I need to help me make my decision. This specific...
  4. C

    Alcohol Consumption - Hospitlization (Want to join ROTC)

    Hi everyone, About a year ago, when I was 19, I had gone to a formal event and had never drank before and did not plan on it. I honestly do not even remember consuming any alcohol, but ended up very intoxicated. I requested my friend to get me a ride home since I knew I did not feel right - and...
  5. sherrie

    Amazing Insight into the First Year at the Military Academies

    This video gave me amazing insight into the first year at the military academies. It shows all 4 and gives information about each one and what the cadets go through their first year. I learned so many new things and why they do what they do during the first year. Also, I thought after this...
  6. prospective2019

    Advice on how I can improve my application? SLE chances?

    Hello! I am currently a junior and am aiming at West Point admission (Class of 2023) as a goal over the next year and a half or so. I'm wondering if any of you have any advice on how I can improve my chances. Academically, I take all honors and AP classes, and have about a 3.8 unweighted and...