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    ASD Misdiagnosis MEPS & DoDMERB Waiver Likelihood

    Hello, My plan was to join ROTC in college and commission as an officer upon graduation. Looking further into it I have come to realize that being diagnosed with any form of ASD is a PDQ. I have taken an interest in the SMP program and would like to enlist as a reservist upon HS graduation a...
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    What to do if medically misdiagnosed then disqualified because of it?

    Hey, I am an AS400 in AFROTC and am a month and a half away from commissioning...until yesterday. I went to see a neurologist in January for headaches that I get, and the eventual diagnoses was atypical migraines 3-4 episodes a week for a few hours each. After that I submitted it DodMerb through...
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    Aspergers misdiagnosis

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find out if my son should even bother trying to get into the military. Here's the situation. When he was around approximately 12yo he was diagnosed with aspergers. Shortly before this I had two children diagnosed with autism and frankly with as much research i did...