ASD Misdiagnosis MEPS & DoDMERB Waiver Likelihood


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Jul 7, 2023

My plan was to join ROTC in college and commission as an officer upon graduation. Looking further into it I have come to realize that being diagnosed with any form of ASD is a PDQ.
I have taken an interest in the SMP program and would like to enlist as a reservist upon HS graduation a year from now.

However, I was diagnosed as a young kid with PDD-NOS. I am scheduling a time to get reevaluated as I do not believe (and never have really) I have autism. I have very few of the typical traits of an autistic person and believe it was a misdiagnosis for other personal reasons for my. A specialist will either confirm or deny my suspicions. I understand if it is a misdiagnosis, I would still need a waiver to enlist or commission.

I am talking to an enlistment recruiter and he said that we could fight if it was a misdiagnosis. If it is and the waiver gets accepted meaning I’d be able to enlist in the military, I’d rather enlist as a reservist IF I HAVE A GOOD CHANCE of getting a waiver for DoDMERB. I would much prefer to be an officer, I enjoy paperwork and management and it is considered a more prestigious path. I’d like to join the SMP because I would like some hands-on experience with BCT and AIT before joining ROTC, also I feel as though if I were to be an officer, I should have at least some experience being what I would eventually lead. If I have a poor chance of a waiver, I would much rather serve active duty because 1. The Post 9/11 GI bill is very appealing, especially considering I’d like to go to a T14 law school after the end of my contract 2. I would like to serve my country in a full-time capacity for at least a few years, both to work with other true Americans and for the strengthening of discipline and character being a soldier incurs 3. I’d like to be entitled to veteran discounts and benefits

So as for now, I am simply wondering in black-and-white, if I were to get a waiver for ASD misdiagnosis for MEPS, would it be likely for me to receive a waiver for the same thing for DoDMERB?

Any answer is appreciated,

Thank you,
Neither MEPS or DoDMERB give waivers. DoDMERB reviews medical records and exams and determines if a person meets/does not meet military accession standards (Q/DQ). The services each have their own waiver policies. The waiver authority assigned to the program you are applying for will determine if a waiver will be offered, per their current policy and the individual case.

No one here can tell you what your chances are for either officer or enlisted paths. You have to work the process.

You already have the right idea - getting re-evaluated. The military would also want to know if you ever had any accommodations, did you use them, when did you stop using them, are you able to perform well without them. Ditto any prescribed medications for this childhood diagnosis. If none, great.

If you go to the DoDMERB home page - no login required to do what I am going to suggest - read through the left-side menu. The process, FAQs, workflow diagrams, etc., all kinds of good info.