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    USNA or MIT

    Hello, Since decision day is right around the corner, I am seeking advice for a very important decision. I am seeking input from experienced people as to which school would be better for me: USNA or AFROTC at MIT. Let me start by describing my situation, career goals, and potential options. I...
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    MIT vs Princeton AROTC

    My DD and I have heard many good things about both Princeton and MIT’s AROTC programs for engineering majors. What are specific differences, pros/ cons in comparing the two units? Both schools are the host school for their respective program which is a real positive.
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    USMA vs MIT

    I am presently a Senior in high school and I have been fortunate enough to get into several schools that I never thought I would be able to. I am set on studying computer science and I have narrowed down my choices to West Point or MIT on a full ROTC scholarship. I am struggling to make a...
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    Education After 4-Year ROTC?

    I have been fortunate enough to be awarded an NROTC four year scholarship to MIT. I have also recieved a four year ROTC scholarship to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, and Duke. MIT is my top school choice and I was accepted early action but I have not committed to anything yet, either scholarship wise...