moc application

  1. USS_Oregon

    Letters of Recommendation

    How should I ask people to address the letters if I plan on using them for multiple MOC nomination applications? Thanks
  2. A

    Applying to Multiple Service Academies

    Hello, I am a Junior and high school and I am planning on applying to the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Air Force Academy. My first choice would be USNA, followed by USAFA and USMA. For example, does the process of applying to three academies differ from applying to just one? If I were to...
  3. W

    Nomination Essay Assistance

    Salutations, I am a re-applicant to USNA and currently in the process of completing my MOC Nomination application. I have made it through the bulk of the application, but have run ashore on the essay topic. My ultimate goal with my essay is to leave a lasting impression with the MOC board...
  4. N

    Want to change my SA rankings on MOC application with LOA

    I am applying to all 3 SAs hoping to get an appointment to any one of them. I would accept an appointment to any SA if offered. Unexpectedly, I received an LOA from USMA last week which really was a surprise considering how competitive all SAs are. I know I am competitive but the LOA was still a...