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    Looking for info on life as an officer as a Cyber, Military Intelligence, or Signal MOS.

    Hello, I was recently accepted into West Point and I'm primarily interested in cyber, but I'm also considering signal corps and military intelligence as backup options. I'd love to hear any information on what that life would look like after being commissioned. Daily activities, leadership...
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    Job Within MOS After Commissioning

    When you get assigned your branch, how much choice do you have over what specifically you'll be doing? For instance, if you branch Armor, how can you choose whether you're in a tank platoon or cavalry? Or for Engineering, how can you choose combat vs non-combat engineering?
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    Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade

    I'm a marketing student in ROTC. Can I branch into the Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade? If so, what branch does that fall under?
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    TAB Test

    What exactly is the TAB Test? I took it MSI year and I'll have to take it again now that I'm an MSIII. Does it affect your branching or component at all? Army ROTC by the way. All info is welcome. Thanks!
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    Officer Candidates to be assigned according to the needs of the Army

    Hello, my name is Bob. I will be attending ROTC this fall and would like some idea of how Officer MOS selection will work upon commissioning. I am a 26 year old Journeyman plumber, had a 3.83 high school GPA, was concert master violin, and received awards such as best musician. I did not...