1. A

    USCGA shellfish allergy

    Hello, I have been given conditional appointment to USCGA. I have a shellfish allergy to which I only ever had one reaction 9 years, which was hives and went away overnight, by itself without any medication. I have never been prescribed any Epi-pens or anything for it. I have not been...
  2. W

    Any way to contact a Dr. about a medical DQ?

    My son received a medical DQ from the AF service academy. Apparently he checked a box about anxiety inadvertently, and they DQd him for having an anxiety disorder. He has never had, been seen, or treated for any anxiety disorder...not sure who to talk to. His ALO told him he needed to get it...
  3. Deathhawk150

    Expedite Medical Waiver?

    I have my initial appointment to USAFA! However, while filling out my initial medical questionnaire, I mistakenly recorded that I had a concussion at 13 yrs old. When I actually looked at the medical records later, the 2013 CT scan showed that there was no evidence that I'd ever had a concussion...
  4. J

    Odds for passing the DODMERB with previous anxiety/anti-depression

    I've served 6 and a half years in the Active Duty Army. I'm reaching the end of my contract and have decided to finish my degree at a local University. I want to join the ROTC program there and pursue an Officer Commission upon graduation. I will be enrolling as a Junior. Upon entering the Army...