1. E

    Multiple SA nomination requests

    Hi all, Hope this question hasn't been addressed yet. We are little confused in requesting nomination for a multiple SAs. We plan to request nomination from 2 Senators and 1 Representative. However, one of the Nomination Request form from one Senator's office instructs to check only one SA...
  2. Dadx4

    State/District Coordination Question

    Mods, BGOs, ALOs, RCs, anyone else. I tried to research this question on the forum, and I got patchy information, so I wanted to ask it directly. Do the academies know which Districts and Senators coordinate to avoid double-nominations (to the same or different academies)? Do they take...
  3. A

    Additional Jobs during Service

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and I haven't found a question for my unique interests, so I am posting my personal situation seeking advice. Long story short, I'm a college sophomore who has developed a newfound interest in serving. I have some pilot cousins, a few ancestors who served in the...