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    Out of Curiosity, has anybody who's been in NAPS OR USAFAPS applied to a different SA

    Just as the title says, out of curiosity.
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    4 Days Past Admission Decisions — Still Haven’t Heard Back

    Hi everyone! I’m still waiting! I was wondering if anybody else is too? Should I email my admissions counselor or just continue waiting? I’ve already accepted plan B, but if I were offered an appointment, either to USNA or NAPS, I’d take it. I have an LOA, no nomination, and considering I...
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    Question about the Possibility of NAPS

    Hi everyone! I have an LOA from USNA, no nomination. Is it still a possibility to receive any nomination at this point (applied for VP) or to even be offered a spot at NAPS? Or a spot with the Foundation? Are appointments post April 15th possible? Thank you in advance!