1. Q

    NROTC - Quit to Enlist & then come back to Officer

    Good evening everyone. This is a strange question but I'm curious what the community has to say. I'm an incoming 4/C Marine-Option in NROTC with a 35 ACT, 3.9 High School GPA, and both a 300 PFT & CFT. I THINK I love the idea of going straight into the officer corps, and I'm excited for my...
  2. BonoDex

    Applying to Academy after missing deadline...

    Hello everyone, I am in an interesting situation in which I am unsure of the results of the decisions that need to be made. Let me start by explaining the situation in a simple manner: In my 10th grade HS year, I decided I wanted to apply for the Naval Academy. I was perfectly eligible, and I...
  3. J

    Where to Find my BGO

    Hello again, I was wondering if our BGO was chosen based on where you live, or where your school is. I go to school in MD, but I live in NOVA (Northern VA). I reached out to someone, and he did not specifically tell me, he just said: "I can help you even though you go to school in MD." This...
  4. J


    Hey, I was wondering what I should do. My family is friends with An Admiral in the U.S. Navy, and I really want to go to the Naval Academy. During my interview should I mention that I am friends with him should I put it on my application, and should I ask him if he has any advice on getting into...
  5. R

    Varsity Letters through JROTC and Scholarship Chances

    I have received a varsity letter through jrotc drill and rifle team. Will they count as sports or as extracurricular activities? With that being said do I have any chance towards getting an AROTC or NROTC scholarship? Currently a high school junior Aspiring Major: Aeronautical Engineering GPA...
  6. W


    Hi, was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice for the interviews for Congressman Israel. I would appreciate if you could PM me any info/advice you can give. Thank you.