navy football

  1. Tom Nicholas

    Getting tingly just thinking about.. Navy Football!!

    Just 34 days till the season opener vs Delaware ~ Can you feel it? Walking amongst the tailgaters in our Navy gear two hours before kickoff, a full walk around the stadium the hour before seeing so many happy, patriotic service members and veterans, the Mids in their sharp-looking uniforms...
  2. E

    Naval Academy Football Recruit - likelihood of medical waiver approval?

    Hi there. New to this, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience or advice that might help. My son was lucky enough to receive an offer to play football for the Naval Academy, although it came very late this year. He had several other D1 offers, including Ivy league offers. Navy is...
  3. fullspeedahead

    USNA Football Documentary

    I saw a thread a while back in which a member asked about good movies that involved the Naval Academy. Although they are not movies "A Season with Navy Football" and "A Game of Honor" are two fantastic documentaries that showcase the Navy football program (and a little bit of West Point in the...
  4. usnavynurse

    Ireland - Navy Football Aug 2020

    Would love any advise from parents who have traveled to Ireland to attend Navy Football games in the past. Would like to book our own travel plans, rather than go with the travel agent package. Things like where to fly in, must see things, where to stay, restaurant recommendations etc.