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    Chances of Getting Scholarship

    Hi All - I am applying for NROTC, AFROTC, and AROTC. I believe that I am a good candidate for this scholarship, but the only thing I worry about is my SAT scores. My GPA is pretty high at about a 3.7 unweighted and a 4.2 weighted. I have multiple athletic awards such as being placed on my...
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    Weird text from Navy ROTC selection board, do I trust it?

    I am currently applying for the Navy ROTC scholarship and I got this weird text, has anyone else ever received a text like this before? Do I trust it?
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    I have "mild" red/green color blindness; How does this limit my options for ROTC?

    I am interested in doing ROTC, but I am concerned about my "mild" red-green color blindness. My diagnosis of "mild" red-green color blindess came from an online test, not an official examination. My first choice would be Navy, but I am willing to do ROTC for any branch of the military. I have...
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    Applying for more than one ROTC

    Hello! I might try to apply for both the Air Force and Navy ROTC high school scholarships. If I do this, should I apply for both at the same time?
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    NROTC chances???

    Hi everyone! I applied in late October for the NROTC scholarship and have been freaking out about it ever since... my test scores are as follows: SAT- 1160 composite, 550 Math 610 R&W ACT- 29 composite Weighted GPA- 5.02 on a 4.0 scale I’m also involved in varsity athletics, National Honor...
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    Navy ROTC First Board

    When does the first board for Navy ROTC meet? Also my son received an email that said his application was "competitive" but not exactly sure what that means. The message said this does not mean you have won a scholarship but that you will be notified if you do win. I wondered if this is...
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    Likelihood of Receiving NROTC Schlarship

    Hi, I'm currently a high school junior with a 3.85 GPA seeking the NROTC scholarship. I was in my schools IB program freshmen and sophomore year but dropped out to take dual enrollment which is where I can take college classes as a high schooler. I've been in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program...
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    Accidentally selected Marine option in NROTC application, now I can't switch back.

    I just started filling out my NROTC application, and I accidentally selected the Marine option instead of the Navy Option. Now, even when I click the bubble for Navy option, it still keeps me stuck as a Marine option. I have tried selecting Navy, logging out, then logging back in, but I haven't...
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    Navy ROTC Application

    Hello, I am currently applying for the Navy option ROTC. I was wondering if someone could help me and tell me what my chances are of being accepted. I have a 3.44 unweighted GPA, 4.2 weighted, a 1340 on my SAT, and a 96 on the ASVAB. I am in the Sea Cadets program and have been for over a year...
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    ACT improvements

    I have already submitted my NROTC application along with my test scores. The best ACT I took I had a 30 composite. The breakdown for that test was English- 31, Math-32, Reading-32, and Science-24(I don't know what happened there). But recently I took the ACT again and had very different...
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    Navy ROTC Board

    Could someone please tell me when the next Navy ROTC Board is and when the results would be available?