1. H

    UMBC (#16) vs VIRGINIA (#1)

    I truly apologize for the off topic post, but I am a MIDN at UMBC and a reapplicant for Class of 2022. I’m just so proud of UMBC for making history. Let’s go retrievers!
  2. S

    Civilian University to Service Academy Transfer

    So I am going to civilian college as a freshman next fall (class of 2020), and the college I am going to is my back up because I didn't make it into the Naval Academy last year. I was wondering if I would be able to transfer to the Naval Academy after my first year of civilian college...
  3. Nilet

    TWE, Re-applying, AFROTC, and much more.

    All, The dreaded TWE - one of the worst feelings of an applicant's life. I should know, I received that same letter 2 years in a row. It wasn't until the third application I felt the bliss of the BFE. The Academy is not for everyone. AFROTC is a great option as well, I took two years of my...