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    Chances of Receiving an Appointment

    Hello, I’m currently a candidate for USAFA ‘25 and am curious what the forums think of my odds of being appointed. I understand there’s no crystal clear cut way to determine odds but I figured I’d post this and see what you have to say. Below are my stats: GPA: 4.3W (multiple honors and...
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Advice

    Hello there! I’m a junior in high school and I want to pursue an Army ROTC scholarship my senior year. I’d like some advice on where I can boost my chances of getting a scholarship. Thank you in advance! Stats: - 27 ACT (I plan on taking in 1-2 times to boost the super score) - 4.25 GPA...
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    Where can I Improve and what are my odds?

    Hello all, I am a senior in high school, and I thought I would leave my resume here to see where I stand and what my odds are. I am applying to both West Point and USNA, and have finished both applications. -Ranked about 28 out of 280 - about a 96% gpa -National Honors Society member - Class...