offer of admission

  1. M

    What happens after an offer is extended?

    So I just received word from my admissions officer that my medical waiver was cleared and that sometime early next I should be receiving my official offer. What do I need to do after that? I’ve heard of having to get prints done, get a dentists appointment etc. As I plan for graduation I just...
  2. F

    USMAPS prep school

    If DS is being considered for USMAPS, when will this happen? There were four applicants in his high school to USMA and all have heard back. One LOA (undecided), one TWE, One Appointment (almost identical stats as my DS, but with Governor's recommendation), and my DS. His file was being looked...
  3. hamleton

    USMA Online or Mail Notification of Admission?

    Hey all, I have another quick question regarding an USMA Offer of Admission. As I anxiously wait to see my "fate" at USMA, I am constantly checking my USMA Online Admissions Profile. When the Admissions Team sends out an (hopefully) Offer of Admission, will it first appear in my USMA Online...