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    DoDMET Exam Packet Download Trouble

    I just scheduled my medical and eye exams and I was told I needed to download my packet and bring it for the medical exam. However, the left-side bar displaying the checklist will not let me scroll down far enough to click the link. How can I find and download my packet since it’s not letting me...
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    ROTC Packet Gone!?!

    Good Morning everyone! Please help :) I logged on today to check to see if one of my documents had been processed and my entire application was gone. Literally everything. I emailed the help desk but it took so long last time anything went wrong for them to answer that I am nervous they wont...
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    Admissible Packets

    When do additional Admissible Packets come out? I only have one available right now (out of 4, if I remember correctly), and was wondering if I'm falling behind. Is it simply as you finish each one, or is it at a certain time for everyone? Thanks.